What’s my Niche?

152293299_073217679c_bAs I read more about Geeking Out, I realise I am not sure what my Niche is.  I don’t rap and anime all looks the same to me, so if you don’t have a niche will you never hit the heady heights of geekdome?

I like gardening, theatre, reading, good food and yoga.

Any suggestions to fuel my technological needs?


9 comments to “What’s my Niche?”
9 comments to “What’s my Niche?”
  1. Let’s see:

    For gardening you can have your plants call or tweet you when they need water: link to botanicalls.com

    Theatre: More technology used in the background then you probably have taken time to reflect on and appreciate….so appreciate what happens both on stage and behind the scenes.

    Reading: Highly recommend “Ready Player One” for a peak into what the future might hold (In an awesome but hope we don’t get there kind of way) link to thethinkingstick.com

    Yoga: Appreciate the Zen…who needs technology anyway! 😉

  2. Hello Jo

    For reading, I am a member of http://www.goodreads.com It’s sort of like “Facebook” but for people who read. You share what you are reading with people who have subscribed to you. You subscribe to your friends to see what they are reading and their book reviews. You may even be able to subscribe to your favourite author to do the same! You can set reading goals and see how you are progressing in them. (My goal is to read 12 books a year and that takes some discipline when you have 4 kids to raise!).

    I am one of the few in the world that eschew Facebook. But, I am comfortable sharing with others my book reviews and my reading progress.

    Have a go

    • Thanks Vivian – I have been on this for the last hour and love it. Looks like another place I could get lost in. I realise a lot of my friends already use this (and a surprising number of my students too) I am excited not only to review all the books I have read, but all the great books there are out there still left to read. Must get back there I have my kindle in hand ready for some serious downloading.

  3. Hi Jo,

    I have similar interests to you, and living in Angola, I’ve had to semi-“geek out” on technology to support my love of yoga in a place that’s pretty slim on yoga culture. I’ve been using Yoga Glow for home practice and following some great people on Twitter to get inspired, like @DailyCupofYoga. Let me know if you come across anything good in the yoga department! I’m @chloe7ed on Twitter.

    Chloe 🙂

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